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TPC Team 1 Protocol

Data set: TPC
Team # 1
Team members:
Julian, David, Florian D., Robert, Alexandra, Christoph B.
Brainstorming/ Ideas:

Task: Listen to the tracks of a collision event

Data: There are 15 tracks, one track with , e.g., 33000 data with 9 parameters (Track-ID, Radius r, angle PHI, time t: t=0 is collision time, coordinates z, x, y, charge and particle type

  • the existing visualization is so strong, that a sonification has no added value
  • thus: don't sonify spatial information, but listener moves through space along z coordinate and listens to characteristic signature of a track
  • use charge as parameter for "roughness"


Implemented sonification approach:

  • charge -> frequency modulation
  • phi is used in freq. modulation, cos(phi) = oscillation in time, scaled to 300-800Hz
  • resonance r -> LPF (low pass filter), boundary frequence controlled by phase phi; big r -> big quality (Q)
  • sort along z (this is new time axis!)


(play example, go sequentially through all tracks)


(play example, all tracks simultaneously, CAUTION-sudden onset!)



General Remarks:
Implemented Sonification approach:

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