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Vogt K., Sonification of Simulations in Computational Physics, PhD Thesis, University of Music and Performing Arts, Graz, Austria, 2010. (>>abstract and pdf)

Programs etc.

The spin quartet sonification was put into a stand-alone version: you can download SpinQuartets here, and explore the sonification and the XY model interactively. (Runs only on Mac OSX.)

The Extensions' package contain SuperCollider3 classes on lattice data handling, pseudo data generation, a Shepard show GUI and the digital waveguide mesh. Additionally, the these extensions are needed to run some sonifications (where indexing for a Hilbert curve is needed).

This version of SuperCollider is needed for the data listening space sonification of QED.

Papers/ Conference Proceedings

Vogt K. & R. Höldrich,

A metaphoric sonification method - towards the acoustic standard model of particle physics,
Proc. of the ICAD 2010. (>>pdf)

K. Vogt, R. Höldrich, D. Pirrò, M. Rumori, S. Rossegger, W. Riegler, M. Tadel,

A sonic time projection chamber, Sonified particle detection at CERN,
Proc. of the ICAD 2010.(>>pdf)

Vogt K., R. Höldrich, D. Pirrò, C. Gattringer,

Spin quartets, sonification of the XY model,
Proc. of the ICAD 2010. (>>pdf) [This poster won the best-poster award at ICAD 2010!]

K. Vogt, T. Bovermann, A. de Campo, Ph. Huber,
Exploration of 4d-data spaces. Sonification of lattice QCD.
Proc. of the 14th ICAD, Paris, 2008. (>>pdf; in the ICAD bibliography)

K. Vogt,
Sonification and particle physics.
Erstausgabe, University of Graz, 2008. (>>pdf)

K. Vogt,
Sonification in computational physics - QCD-Audio.
Proceedings of the SysMus - Systematic Musicology Conference, Graz, 2008. (>>pdf)


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