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RO Team 2 Protocol

Protocol, Dataset: CLIMA

Status: draft (others please extend!)

Team #2

Members: Julian, Robert, Thomas (Protokoll), Christoph B., Stefan R., Marcus 



  • real time was taken as sonification (playback) time
  • levels (heights) are mapped by pitch
  • temperature is the energy in the spectral bands
  • noise excitation is the input for band pass filters
  • NaNs were removed, mean values were subtracted to a value above all months [??]

The sonification allows to hear next to the yearly cycle also the 26 months rhythm.

(play example, only two highest levels)


(play example, only 3 highest levels, includes the above)


(play example of mean levels)


(play example, all levels but weighted, thus lower ones suppressed)


Further experimenting with the data has been done by T. Hermann, B. Lackner et al (see SC file). The idea was to make sequences from one pole over equator to the other pole.

(play example, two high)


(play example, two low)


(play example, two high, two low)




parallel sonification of different channels (or stereo panning)

norming of the month mean would remove the yearly oscillation


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