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CENTER Team 3 Protocol

Team #3,

Axel, Stefan, Alberto, Thomas, Florian D



- essential information is number and size of clusters
- idea: random walk through clusters (but it is not guaranteed that random walks diffund the whole cluster in finite time)
- cluster find algorithm as preparation to the sonification
- idea: sonify cluster find algorithm while running through the lattice!


Implemented approach:

Go through all the lattice,

  • start with every valid site value (-1,0,1)
  • floode surrounding with recursive ClusterID
  • acceliorate successively (up to a maximal velocity) - additionally pitch is raised
  • in between (new) clusters, a new ClusterID is assigned and a noise pulse played

You hear all the lattice in 1 to 2 minutes, approximately. Percolating clusters have a long, rising tone. Before/ and or after the long clusters, many mini clusters are found.

(play example at 0.63, small clusters)


(play example at 1.32, one big cluster!)



General remarks:

The concept of acceleration is perhaps interesting also in general: when it is clear what goes on, one can accelerate until is become more interesting again...




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