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Sonification is a new method of data display and is defined as the use of audio to convey information.

It is an alternative and complement to visualisation, and proved to be particularly useful in the analysis of highly complex and multi-dimensional data sets. In recent years, it emerged in different fields, pushed by the development of real time audio synthesis software and the increased consciousness of human audition.
The growing amounts of data in society and science ask for new approaches in data analysis and display. One of these rapidly prospering fields is computational approaches to problems in physics that have been developed into a powerful paradigm.
The rapid development of computers and algorithms has led to new quantitative and qualitative insights, but the typically multi-dimensional data sets are very large, and only a few simple observables are considered.

Methods of sonification in theoretical physics have been implemented in the interdisciplinary presurcor project SonEnvir at the Institute for Electronic Music und Acoustics (IEM). QCD-audio works on data of computer physics, stemming from the Institute for Physics.

Our interdisciplinary proposal QCD-Audio will develop sonification techniques for data of numerical models in physics.

This project is financed by the FWF Translational Research Program.
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